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At a time when Cleveland hopes to expand and retain its pool of local talented leaders, Esperanza is promoting a program that encourages leadership, action, and service among young Hispanic women and men. The ELLA (Esperanza’s Latina Leadership Alliance) Program is gender-specific leadership program which brings together Latina adults with Latina high school youth.

Esperanza’s leadership clubs provide at-risk, inner-city Hispanic youth with a positive alternative to gangs, violence, and dropping out of school. It creates a nurturing peer supported environment for Hispanics of high school age and encourages them to stay in school and develop their leadership skills.

Our purpose: Development and encouragement

By providing teenagers with leadership and educational resources, students increase knowledge and expand their awareness of the common challenges and opportunities before them.

Our format: Hands-on, real-world , and in-person

  • Both clubs meet monthly in groups of approximately 20 to discuss issues affecting their lives and learn from role models in their community.
  • A community leader volunteers as coordinator of program activities to deliver the leadership-training lesson and skill-development exercises.
  • Guest speakers are invited to present topics relevant to young Hispanics and allow for group discussion, brainstorming, and problem-solving.
  •  At the middle of the school year, participants select a leadership project they believe can impact their community. Adult mentors are selected from various professions to guide the students in their projects.
  • At the year’s end, students participate in a community project and demonstrate their leadership skills.

Our sessions and curriculum: Personal and practical

  • Gender-specific issues
  • Latino issues and how they impact the family and community
  • Understanding the principles of leadership (position, relationships, successes, and production)
  • Higher education (information, options, and procedures)
  • Building consensus and managing conflict
  • Understanding how culture impacts leadership
  • Personal health and safety

For more information, or to register, contact our Mentoring staff.

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