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Saturday Academy

This program serves Hispanic high-school students by providing college-readiness class and college/university field trips. 2.50 GPA required.

Saturday Academy is designed to provide students with guidance and information on, among others, careers, colleges and universities, the ACT/SAT, Financial Aid and community resources. It provides students and parents with assistance in applying for college and financial aid. Students are exposed to local professionals in various fields who serve as role models, as well as college faculty and college students. The students will visit 6-8 university campuses and participate in workshops on the following topics: Decision Making, Time Management, Budget Management, and Diversity. Breakfast, Lunch, and Transportation are included in the 10 week program. 9th-12th graders are able to participate as long as they have the minimum requirement of a 2.50 G.P.A. Through this academy, students get to see what college is truly about! As they learn about different universities and opportunities, they begin to discover what they really want and envision a future for themselves.

For more information, contact our Hispanic Youth Leadership Program HYLP staff.

Quotes by Saturday Academy participants:
“It was a good experience and if I could, I would do it all over again!”
“I discovered colleges that I never heard of and can now apply to!”
“It was a great experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”



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