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Student and family testimonials

“I was really quiet and shy when I came here, but Esperanza made me more confident, taught me to be a better person, to no be afraid of challenges and not to give up.”
Kassandra, Student

“I like how Esperanza works. They do good things for people.”
Family Quiñones

“I understand my homework and quiz’s more since I’ve been taking tutoring.”
Yoly R., Student

“Great! Tutors are helpful, friendly, and really effective.”
Jahqwahn W., Student

“I have so much fun learning. We understand how things work.”
Sheyla G., Student

Volunteer testimonials

“As a tutor at Esperanza, with the students, it’s educational, fun and helpful. It feels good to know that a student learned what you taught them and they can move on to learn new things. You get to build a friendship with students to where you'll feel comfortable teaching and helping them. And I love seeing the students motivated to learn new concepts that they struggle with in class.”
Keyshla M., Volunteer Tutor

"What impressed me the most was the students' attitudes. I understand Math isn't the most important thing on a teenager’s mind but each student was very engaged and genuinely wanted to be there."
Andres A., Volunteer Tutor

“I started tutoring in the hopes that I would be able to teach a few things to a few students. After only a couple of sessions, though, I realized that I was probably learning more than any of my tutees. Tutoring at Esperanza opened my eyes not only to the gravity of the problems facing minorities in the Cleveland public school system, but also the potential for success that lies in the genuine intelligence and character of those kids. Tutoring is one of those experiences that are so moving for me.  I can only think of a Spanish word that captures its essence: sobresaliente.”
Aric F., Volunteer Tutor

“Working with the Esperanza students has been an intriguing and enlightening experience.  Not only have the students taught me about my tutoring methods, they have also shared their insight as multicultural students.  My interactions with the students have been extremely valuable and I look forward to continuing the tutoring process.”
Lisa S., Tutor

“It’s a great new learning environment for the students and myself!”
Joe W., Tutor

“As my first time as a tutor, it was hard for me to teach somebody the understanding of something that I understand in their own way. I learned that people don’t learn the same way as other people and don’t understand things as other people. Volunteering helped me get my hours and it allowed me to meet different people and understand their backgrounds.”
Javier F., Student Volunteer/Tutor

“Working with my students has been great, especially when I see them making improvements in their grades.”
Jane B., Tutor

“Fantastic! I got set up with a tutee very quickly. I’ve had a great time working with the student.”
Matthew S., Volunteer Tutor

“Tutoring is not only helping understand school topics, but helping to understand life.”
Betsi G., Volunteer Tutor

Back To School volunteers

"It was so amazing to see how much this program has grown over the years. The sponsors are really helping families get prepared for the start of the school year. The volunteers were so committed and friendly. This process has been memorable. Thank you!"
Jessica G., Volunteer

"I was so impressed by your Back to School program. It was so well organized and we were treated so friendly, I enjoyed the day. Thank you."
Karen F., Volunteer

"I really enjoyed volunteering at event. I was not familiar with Esperanza prior to Saturday and left with such a positive and uplifting feeling!  Everyone I met was friendly, kind, helpful and energized! Great experience! You all should be sooooo proud!"
Mary G., Volunteer

"Working with the Esperanza Inc. Back-to-School giveaway was an exceedingly rewarding experience for me as a volunteer and future educator. Often times in the late summer we see a lot of "school supply drives" to which we donate school supplies and never see them again, hoping they're off to the right place and in the hands of the right students.  What Esperanza does is connect directly with the people--and the children--who most need these supplies. Donating school supplies to a good cause is great, but having the opportunity to give a fully loaded backpack to a student and know that you have helped them take one more step to academic success is truly inspiring. I'm very thankful to Esperanza for what they've done for the community and its students, and I'm looking forward to getting involved again sometime soon."
Alberto R., Volunteer

"Thank you for allowing me to help with the backpack handout the other weekend. It truly went like a well-oiled machine."
Sue S., Volunteer


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