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The primary focus of Esperanza is our student’s academic success by providing a structure of student reflection, goal setting, and support. When a student joins Esperanza, they complete an Individual Service Strategy (ISS), in which their current school performance and career goals are analyzed and an action plan is established to help guide their path toward promotion and graduation. These strategies may include tutoring, mentoring, Saturday Academy college visits, the Ohio Graduation Test club, and daily afterschool leadership classes. Throughout the year, this ISS is reviewed and altered to accommodate the student’s changing academic profile and career development.

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Welcome, Esperanza Alumni!

All Esperanza alumni are automatically lifelong members of the Esperanza Alumni Association, with the purpose of driving engagement of past Esperanza students and scholarship recipients by providing valuable opportunities for members that will ensure the sustainability of Esperanza.

The EAA held its first meeting in 2013, and since then, has grown to an association with over 315 exceptional, educated, and motivated individuals. By definition, an ‘Esperanza Alumni Association Member’ is someone who has graduated high school and has either received an Esperanza Scholarship and/or has participated in an Esperanza program.

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Enhance your education and career path

As a member, you will have access to professional development opportunities and resources like our LinkedIn group, exclusive job/internship/scholarship postings, discounts to Hispanic companies/organizations, and amazing volunteer opportunities! Your commitment and participation will help our current students and families achieve their personal and educational aspirations.


The Esperanza Alumni Association seeks partnerships with companies in hopes to deliver win-win situations. Through mutually beneficial relationships, the Esperanza Alumni Association can be an extension of your commitment to educational inclusion, career development, and diversity plans. Download a brochure or contact adria@esperanzainc.org to learn more.

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If you are a member of the EAA or a representative of an outside organization/company, consider submitting education and/or career opportunities As an EAA member, we encourage professional growth for our members. Submit openings that our members can apply for (scholarships, internships, jobs). Opportunities are carefully considered by internal Esperanza staff before sharing with members. Click to submit.

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  • Update Your Information
    • Help the EAA keep our records current by telling us about any updates to your name, contact or employment/education information. This will help insure that you receive any relevant communications from the Esperanza Alumni Association. Submit your update.
  • Submit news for the EAA E-Newsletter
  • Share Your Story
    • Do you want to share your personal story about how Esperanza has helped you in the past and how your involvement in Esperanza has impacted your life? If you are interested, please contact us.
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Esperanza Fast Facts

  • Nearly 800 students pass through our doors each year, leaving armed with a plan on how to succeed.
  • 97% of our students beat the odds and received their diplomas.
  • 100% of families in our Family Engagement program refer others to us, suggesting a high customer satisfaction rate.
  • Since 1983, Esperanza has awarded over $1 million in college scholarships to Greater Cleveland students.
  • 89% of Esperanza students are promoted to the next grade each year, and 78% graduate high school in four years.
  • Over 750 students and parents were served by Esperanza programs during the 2013-2014 school year.
  • Our partnership with CMSD (Cleveland Metropolitan School District) helped boost the four-year Hispanic high school graduation rate from 30% in 2010 to 61% in 2013.
  • Esperanza program participants are actively enrolled in school an average of 23 more days per year than non-participants.
  • 22 staff made heartfelt connections to the 650 students + 185 families served at Esperanza in 2015
  • Esperanza was awarded the Bright Spot in Education by the White House in 2015.


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