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The primary focus of Esperanza is our student’s academic success by providing a structure of student reflection, goal setting, and support. When a student joins Esperanza, they complete an Individual Service Strategy (ISS), in which their current school performance and career goals are analyzed and an action plan is established to help guide their path toward promotion and graduation. These strategies may include tutoring, mentoring, Saturday Academy college visits, the Ohio Graduation Test club, and daily afterschool leadership classes. Throughout the year, this ISS is reviewed and altered to accommodate the student’s changing academic profile and career development.

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The mission of the Esperanza Alumni Association is to create a community of past Esperanza students and scholarship recipients providing opportunities to network, reconnect, volunteer and build pride and hope for the Hispanic community’s future.

We are an enthusiastic and committed group who works together to support Esperanza’s goals just as Esperanza has supported us with our personal and educational goals.

By definition, and "Esperanza Alumni Association Member" is someone who has graduated high school and has either received a scholarship through Esperanza and/or participated in an Esperanza program.


As a member, you will have access to professional development opportunities, exclusive job/internship/scholarship postings, discounts to YLN & NSHMBA, and amazing volunteer opportunities! Your commitment and participation will help our current students and families achieve their personal and educational aspirations.

Tell Your Story

Do you want to share your personal story about how Esperanza has helped you in the past and how your involvement in Esperanza has impacted your life? If you are interested, please contact us.

Leadership roles

Council: The Esperanza Alumni Association Council purpose is to drive the efforts of the Alumni Association. Meetings are held month and we work on developing the EAA’s goals. The members are:

  • Felicia Soto – President
  • Alexander Andrade – Vice-President
  • Lluvia Rodriguez – Public Relations
  • Jennifer Pacheco – Recording Secretary
  • Alberto Rodriguez – Committee member

College Ambassador: As a College Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to represent Esperanza at your current college/university campus, reconnecting and engaging all Esperanza alum at your educational institution.

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