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As part of our mission to promote Hispanic education, Esperanza, Inc. understands the importance of support and positive role models for our youth. The Volunteer Program is committed to supporting our program participants, scholarship recipients and families with timely, appropriate, high quality, and committed volunteers that will come from the community at large. We welcome all members of the greater Cleveland community to volunteer with us in a wide range of activities, ultimately impacting our mission.

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What volunteers are saying

Carlos C., Family Engagement Volunteer

  • “I had hesitations in volunteering at first as I have an introverted personality. Engaging with the parents has helped me grow in many ways. Most importantly, knowing that I have been a part of developing a spark in parents to continue learning technology has been very rewarding. I would say to all new volunteers that giving back and investing in your community with your time and talents will guarantee a better world for our kids’ futures; you won’t’ regret it!”

Rebecca D., Saturday Academy Volunteer

  • "I feel so proud when I hear that students who participated in the program in the past are now enrolled in colleges and doing what they set their mind to do in high school. It is a great feeling to see them succeed! I love getting to know the students each session---they are a passionate and dedicated group who are willing to sacrifice their Saturdays to learn more about colleges!"

Kayla S., SISCO Volunteer

  • "I've been volunteering at Esperanza for 4 years now, simply because I love working with kids and helping them succeed. Their honesty and humor is so refreshing, and to act as role model for these kids is a privilege."

Emily M., Mentoring Program Volunteer

  • "Esperanza offers many opportunities to serve the educational needs of the growing Hispanic population in Northeast Ohio, and in many different capacities - on a weekly/monthly basis (such as a mentoring) or seasonal (such as tutoring), and even with a busy work schedule. There is truly a need and it is a commitment that is well worth your time!"

Adrian R., Mentoring Program Volunteer

  • "I volunteer here because I recognize that there is a need for young men and women in our community to have positive role models in their lives. I was raised by a single mother and I understand what it is like to not have consistent people in your life that you can look up to. It's nice or even sometimes necessary, for a young person to have someone in their life that they can look to for advice or guidance: someone who is not a parent, teacher, counselor, or peer."

Cesar J., SISCO Volunteer

  • "Volunteering at Esperanza has impacted me just as significantly as it has impacted the kids. Being a volunteer for almost two years now has made me realize how much I enjoy serving as a mentor/tutor. It's truly a privilege and I look forward to it every week!"

Nuria C., Administrative Support Volunteer

  • "In my past volunteer experiences, I was with a group, so this is the first time I am volunteering on my own. I didn’t think I had anything useful to offer, but I was wrong. I would tell new volunteers to not let your fear of not knowing how you can help hold you back. Your help is needed. Just keep an open mind, a positive attitude, and you will have an enjoyable experience!"

Ryan P., Family Engagement Volunteer

  • "I believe in Cleveland and I think that new arrivals from Latin America have a lot to contribute to our revival. Every student has been an absolute delight: we laugh a lot and the time goes quickly. The smiling faces that come to class every week make my work very easy. It is very easy to see that learning English is important to each of them. Esperanza has given me all of the resources and support I could possibly ask for. My work with Esperanza helps me feel like I’m part of the human race."

Andrea H., HYLP Volunteer

  • "I was immediately impressed by Esperanza’s dedication to helping the younger Hispanic population in Cleveland succeed academically, relationally, and socially. Since I have always enjoyed school and aspire to be a life-long learner, I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity that would allow me to share my passion for education and be involved in students’ lives."

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